Thursday, February 13, 2014


Military walker heavy unit that I design from the body of IFV MOWAG Piranha, although its just the body upper part and the rest is come out of nowhere. A mech that can deliver heavy firepower but also has tough armor. Equipped with short-sized tank cannon, double rapid waist machine gun, also the multi barrel gun on top of the mech (that I think is the most iconic part). The right hand is the manipulator arm used for many purposes such as loading empty clip for cannon, disabling mines, or even helping other unit in combat.


Built with 2B mech pencil and finished in Photoshop. Playing with the coloring process I decided to maintain the color of anime style with just only flat skin and shadows. Nothing much shiny and fancy looks I guess

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ironforged (Traditional & Digital)

Meet the Lord of Ironforged, a monstrous mechanical being that lived on its own.

Made this using 2B mechanical pencil on A3 paper then tweaked it a little on Photoshop. Besides clearing some unwanted dust and debris, editing digitally I used for getting more contrast, mood, and lighting. Also some elements of graphic design I put on the title and description around the picture.


I'm trying not to add too much digital editing when working on this, the only reason is I still want to preserve this as a traditional piece and want to get both impression from both medium. A traditional and also digital. Which is a bit hard for me but has quite satisfying result.