Saturday, June 21, 2014


This is a bit old work but haven't got a chance to show up here. So meet ATLASS, or Auto-Trans Life Armored Special Suit. Honestly the name is just popped out in my mind that I think its pretty cool back then. Anyway, this kind of exosuit thing is one of the backbone of future mechanized soldier in not so distant future. It has the effectiveness of human reflexes and the power of machine, useful for many hard work activities in the battlefield that no man alone can handle. It has enough power to take down armored vehicle with its well-equipped arsenal cannon. The auxilary link interface multi weapon system allows the two guns aimed at the concentrated target directly. Increasing the opportunity of reaction in hitting by human reflex.

Quite sophisticated technology if I may say.

ATLASS (Auto-Trans Life Armored Special Suit)

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